Sedona Walker™

Sedona Walker™


This is a sample of our Sedona Walker™ 

  •  Every pair of shoes or boots is unique, one of a kind, like the Guna women who made the "Mola" from which the artisans have made your shoes. For that reason, colors, patterns, and the figures are completely different in each pair, even each shoe.
  • These shoes are handmade. Colombian Artisans have worked on them and their families are fully supported from their production. These shoes are the only way of sustainability – culturally based- of the Kuna Tribe.
  • The "Molas" you are wearing are the cultural heritage of the Guna Tribe. They have traveled more than 6000 miles to land on your feet and they have crossed several Country borders.
  • These shoes are meant to be respected and honored, they are unique
  • Our products are meant to be part of your cycle of life, a tool for you to walk your path
  • These shoes are made with  genuine leather in the styles that are designed with leather parts.
  • Our products are priced to honor the time, the effort, and the heart of the people involved in the process.
  • These shoes are not regular shoes.
  • All the materials are collected, traded and paid for by our Artisans directly to every source involved. With our work, we support their work and fully believe and rely on our Artisans to offer you these products.

7 reviews for Sedona Walker™

  1. Bonnie

    I initially wanted the Urban walker but my size wasn’t available so I purchased the Sedona Walker. They are one of the most comfortable pair of shoes I own. Unfortunately it is winter here so I put them away until the snow is gone. I normally wear a 71/2 to 8 and I bought these shoes in a 38 and the fit is perfect. I would still like the Urban Walker but they will have to wait until I am in the USA again. My sales person was wearing the Urban Walker in my size – I should have offered to buy hers from her as they fit and looked like they were in pretty good condition. I also like the story about how and where the shoes are made.

    • lecuervo

      You can always count with us our friend, any time send us a email and we will reply and help you getting you what you need, we are for you relatives. we wish you a happy new year, and all the good wishes for you and your family. we have Urban walker almost in every size right now, just let us know!

  2. Carla Gachupin

    I purchased mine at the Largest Indigenous gathering in the US. The Gathering of Nations in New Mexico. I fell in love the first time I saw them. They are beautiful and do FIT perfect. i had been searching on many networks to the ultimate fit and look. I am in love!! Thank you for being there at the RIGHT PLACE! I have found MY “perfect shoe”.. (i Will be Back….). Continued blessings to the KUNA people.. I will wear them proudly..

    • lecuervo

      Thank you Carla, We are very happy and we feel honored with your business and love. Thanks again.

  3. Emiliano Angel Guajardo

    Beautiful and comfortable shoes. Blessings on the feet


    While attending the 55th annual FIHA Pow Wow in Ft Pierce, Florida, I was literally “drawn” over to these beautiful Kuna made Molas. I had the good fortune to meet Luis (Cougar), who shared with me their story, their meaning & information about the Kuna. Then…I put a pair on my feet! I literally felt like I was standing upon a cloud cushion. I was supported with love and I could feel the energy radiated through them. I love everything about these shoes & I believe I shall be in the market for another pair to keep my Sedona Walkers company. Thank you, Luis, and the beautiful Kuna tribe who share their sacred Molas & Colombian heritage with other like minded souls the world over. Blessings, Love & Light to you

    • lecuervo

      Marcia. Thank you so much for such a wonderful words. we are working in a new website more approachable and friendly. Since the beginning of COVID many Pow Wows have been canceled and migrating to online. these new dynamics are leading us to be closer to our people online. Soon you all will get good news from us. We will continue attending to shows and Pow Wows wherever they continue working, always observing the health requirements given by the authorities. Thanks a lot

  5. Sylvia Grace

    My husband Jeff and I met Luis at a Pow Wow in Aubundale, FL, in January. I was immediately drawn to a table with colorful shoes and explained to my husband what I was seeing. Jeff is blind and everything I was seeing was speaking to his spirit. Luis was so kind and offered my husband a bench to sit on while he shared the amazing testimony of the Kuna tribe and how these shoes bring life and a living to them. I asked for a pair that would fit my husband and Luis grabbed the most beautiful pair for him. Jeff put them on and a whole transformation happened right before our eyes. His body immediately connected to the shoes stitched in prayers. It was an easy question to ask if there was a pair in my size as well. These shoes are worth every penny and more. The quality of work that is in every pair you immediately feel as soon as you put them on your feet. For Jeff and I, they are the best shoes we own. We wear them everywhere and so many people comment that I literally get strangers phone numbers so I can text them Luis’s information. Thank you Luis for your kindness to Jeff! The love and passion you have for your people and the willingness to go around the word and share their testimony and these shoes. I pray the abundant blessings upon you. We will be purchasing more and sharing the love of them with others.

  6. Tammy Johnson

    I had the great pleasure of meeting Luis at the National Powwow in Indiana a few weeks ago. He is a wonderful soul. Now, I consider him a great friend. He told me the story about the shoes and I was touched deeply by it. The shoes that I got are wonderful. They are the most comfortable shoes that I have ever had on my feet. Not only are they comfortable to my feet, they are a comfort to my heart and soul. Everyone asks me where I got them and how much they really like them. I give them the website so they can also own a pair of these great shoes and help support natives. God bless you, Luis. I am sure I will see you again at a powwow. Until then, my friend.

  7. Nikki

    I love my Sedona Walkers – they are absolutely beautiful, the pattern is the maze of life. They are so, so very comfortable. Thank you to the special person that created these unique and gorgeous shoes.

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