Peaceful walker™

Peaceful walker™


This is a sample of our Peaceful Walker™ shoes

  •  Every pair of shoes or boots is unique, one of a kind, like the Guna women who made the "Mola" from which the artisans have made your shoes. For that reason, colors, patterns, and the figures are completely different in each pair, even each shoe.
  • These shoes are handmade. Colombian Artisans have worked on them and their families are fully supported from their production. These shoes are the only way of sustainability – culturally based- of the Kuna Tribe.
  • The "Molas" you are wearing are the cultural heritage of the Guna Tribe. They have traveled more than 6000 miles to land on your feet and they have crossed several Country borders.
  • These shoes are meant to be respected and honored, they are unique
  • Our products are meant to be part of your cycle of life, a tool for you to walk your path
  • These shoes are made with  genuine leather in the styles that are designed with leather parts.
  • Our products are priced to honor the time, the effort, and the heart of the people involved in the process.
  • These shoes are not regular shoes.
  • All the materials are collected, traded and paid for by our Artisans directly to every source involved. With our work, we support their work and fully believe and rely on our Artisans to offer you these products.

1 review for Peaceful walker™

  1. Carol Nicholson

    I am interested in the Peaceful Walker whenever you get them back in stock, size 39 (8.5). Thank you. I saw the shoes at the Pow Wow at Princess Palace park in Palm Coast, FL on the 25th of February so I got to feel the actual shoe. Love the flexibility!

    • lecuervo

      Hello Carol, we have new styles and we will be at Princess Place PowWow 2024, come over please and visit us:
      Celebrate rich heritage of indigenous peoples during Flagler County’s annual Native American festival, the Princess Place Preserve Pow Wow. The 2024 event is slated for February 24 and 25, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The Native American festival is held each year at Princess Place Preserve, a beautiful 1500-acre park filled with hiking trails and a historic lodge. General admission tickets are $10, veterans and kids ages 5-12 are $5. Children 4 and under are free.

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