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In TRACKING NATIVES® We believe that we are merely the keepers of these shoes till the moment they find you, and we have been looking for you since 2017.

It is not a secret that many brands and designers, under the excuse of “inspired by” have been "sadly and successfully" appropriated of many indigenous designs and creations. This is not the case. The “Molas” are unique in the world. In fact, they are Historic Heritage of the world. The Women of the Guna Tribe (located in Panamá) After almost hundred years of practice through many generations, achieved the skills to create sacred pieces of unique art. These Shoes are entirely made by Artisans in Colombia, using Molas on top.

We, as Natives, feel honored bringing to you: tradition, art, handcraft, uniqueness, and love from every pair of hands involved in this process. Thank you for taking your time to read and to understand what this is about.

All the materials are collected, traded and paid for by our Artisans directly to every source involved. With our work, we support their work and fully believe and rely on our Artisans to offer you these products.


In TRACKING NATIVES® We don't take anything for granted.

Our goal is to continue selling products involving Native Tribes, Artisans, Country people and Natural materials.

We believe in responsibility with the planet. We believe in helping communities, families, and their cultures.

Our products are meant to be bought by intelligent customers, with a high sense of respect for all the processes and people involved within it.

Should be good to understand that, by buying our products, our customers are not the end of the chain to be satisfied. They are part of the circle where everybody is equally important and responsible for each other in their own capacity.


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