Urban Walker™

This Shoe is a sample of a Urban Walker™ style by Tracking Natives®.

Every pair is unique, one of a kind, like the prayers and visions of the Native Women from the GUNA TRIBE who created the “Mola”

The colors, patterns, figures are completely different in each pair, so be open mind please.

Once you pay and leave your contact info, we will contact you to send you pics of the available and actual pairs on size and style you choose to purchase.

These shoes…

…Are handmade by 10 Colombian (Citizens from The Country in South America, not Columbian) Artisans.

… Are fully supporting 10 families from their production.

…Are the only way of sustainability – culturally based- of the Guna Tribe.

…Were made of prayers and visions from the women of The Guna Tribe.

…Are sacred, you are wearing the heritage culture of the Guna Tribe, the rubber from the rubber tree (no tree have been cut to get the Rubber)

…will travel an average of 5000 miles to land on your feet.

…Are meant to be respected and honored, they are unique and the materials are also limited.

…Are meant to be part of your cycle of life, a tool for you to walk your path.

…Are not made from recycled materials.

…Are priced to honor the time, the effort, and the heart of the people involved in the process.

Please respect their sacred value.

These shoes… Are not regular shoes.


The “Molas” are made of fabric 100% cotton, in clear brown sole, made of natural rubber from Rubber Trees and Rice Skin, in Brown Color (sometimes in some other colors when available).

Also is made with Natural Leather (Also in some other colors when available)

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