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™Urban walker


This boot comes in clear brown sole color and is made with pure leather, fabric 100% cotton, rubber from trees and seeds of rice.

In black color (when available) is made with pure leather, fabric 100% cotton, regular sole comes in black and the leather also comes in black color.



Product Description

This is just a sample, the real product is unique, one of a kind, like the prayers and visions of the one who made the “Mola” for it, and colors, patterns, figures are completely different in each pair, so be open mind please.
These shoes…
…Are handmade, 14 Colombian (not Columbian) artisans have worked on them.
Fully support 18 families from their production.
…Are the only way of sustainability – culturally based- of the Kuna Tribe.
…Were made of prayers and visions from the Kuna Tribe.
…Are sacred, you are wearing the heritage culture of the Kuna Tribe.
…Have traveled an average of 3800 miles to land in your hands and Crossed several Country borders and States.
…Are meant to be respected and honored, they are unique.
…Are meant to be part of your cycle of life, a tool for you to walk your path.
…Are first hand material produced. Not recycled.
…Are priced to honor the time, the effort, and the heart of the people involved in the process. Please respect their sacred value.

These shoes… Are not regular shoes.

Product Review

2 reviews for ™Urban walker

  1. Kristl Moss

    This couple was passing through my city, coming from selling these shoes out west. They stopped at my hotel and it was for sure fate. The wife told me the story behind the shoes, I bought the Urban Walker, she prayed with me after purchasing them
    and they are the most comfortable pair of shoes I own and very sturdy. I am about to purchase a pair as a gift. Everyone at my hotel compliments their uniqueness. Thank you

    • lecuervo

      Kristl, Your words touched our hearts, We really appreciate the chance to thank you for the good days we spent there, It was really fate. I remember, we were tired and I have to look for your size in the bins, your size is so popular that it was the last pair of shoes on that number… was meant for you! Thanks for supporting us! Our prayers will be with this new pair you just bought!

  2. Jesus Castro

    I got this shoes about 8 months ago and I’ve been wearing them almost every day, first if all they are visually striking , second they are the most comfortable shoes I own out of the 28 pairs I have, there is something about the sole that is soft but has a good grip, and last but not least they are incredibly well built, at first I thought they were going to be some kind of decorative shoes but I’ve taken this guys everywhere and they hold up. No regrets at all. Will buy them again and again.

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