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™Happy walker

Price: $81.00

™Morning walker

Price: $90.00

This is a sample of our products. Every pair of shoes is unique, one of a kind, like the prayers and visions of the Kuna women who made the “Mola” from which the artisans have made your shoes. Click here for more info( ). For that reason, colors, patterns, and the figures are completely different in each pair.
These shoes…
…Are handmade, 14 Colombian (not Columbian) artisans have worked on them.
Fully support 18 families from their production.
…Are the only way of sustainability – culturally based- of the Kuna Tribe.
…Were made of prayers and visions from the Kuna Tribe.
…Are sacred, The “Molas” you are wearing are the cultural heritage of the Kuna Tribe.
…Have traveled sometimes more than 6000 miles to land in your hands and Crossed several Country borders and States.
…Are meant to be respected and honored, they are unique.
…Are meant to be part of your cycle of life, a tool for you to walk your path.
…Are first hand material produced. Not recycled, pure leather on the styles that are designed with leather parts
…Are priced to honor the time, the effort, and the heart of the people involved in the process. Please respect their sacred value.

These shoes… Are not regular shoes.