Our concerns about appropriation of traditions by big brands

It is not a secret that many brands and designers under the excuse of “inspired by” have been successfully appropriate of many indigenous designs and creations. In this case it is not so easy. The sacred “Molas” are unique in the world. The women of the Kuna (Guna) tribe developed the skills to create sacred pieces of unique art.

So for a brand like Nike to use in the model Air Force 1 named “Puerto Rico” using one of the Unique patterns of “sacred molas” which actually are from Panama and Colombia is something wrong in so many ways…

Our tribes are being threatened for centuries, first the land, then the women, then the children, then the spiritual path and the culture.

Please take your time to understand that this note is to invite you to learn to difference between a copy and a real unique piece of art and sacredness.

Our shoes honors the Kuna tribe, The Artisans, The Colombian, The Panamanian people Our shoes are proudly made with REAL MOLAS from the Kuna Tribe and artisans in Colombia. Families are being supported directly and indirectly from this work and our business.

Thank you for purchasing shoes from Tracking Natives.


Luis Cuervo/Cougar.

Member of the Council of the “Medicine Bear Clan, Rainbow, The Blue Corn People”

Nike ditches shoe design after Panama’s indigenous Guna protest

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